"Glynn Foster""Is this for real????"
"Yes! Welcome to the Slashdot OpenSolaris Chat Session. Please ask us questions on OpenSolaris!"
"David Comay""Can I get a free pass to CommunityOne?"
"Yes, go to http://opensolaris.com/communityone for free registration and access to the OpenSolaris deep dives."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""is this chat live?"
"Stephen Hahn""I have only just discovered it, new to open source apps but thing they are grate"
"Glad to hear it. There's a bunch of open source software for OpenSolaris available with a single mouse click."
"Glynn Foster""What is OpenSolaris?"
"OpenSolaris is an open source operating system, with a community based at http://www.opensolaris.org/"
"David Comay""What is the future of Solaris 10?"
"We will continue to release Solaris 10 Update releases however the very latest features and innovation will be available in OpenSolaris."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""hello, when can we expect official support for sun ray thin clients on opensolaris!? thanks!"
"The SunRay team is working on it with the OpenSolaris team, but there's no firm date planned yet. We hope that the next releases of both SunRay and OpenSolaris will support each other."
"Stephen Hahn""How much does this app cost.?"
"OpenSolaris is downloadable and shareable for zero dollars/euros/etc. The source is available, too."
"Dave Miner""Is possible to install OpenSolaris like server without Gnome ?"
"Yes. The Automated Installer is designed to support much more flexible options for installation than the live CD. "
"Bart, Danek, Joost""can you explain the virtualization technology use uin Solaris ?"
"So there are a few options that you have, we have OS virtualization in the form of Solaris Containers, we have a Xen 3.1.4 port called xVM hypervisor, you can use VirtualBox, and on SPARC you can have the OpenSolaris host be the control domain, for more info on these technologies go to sun.com/virtualization"
"Stephen Hahn""Is enterprise support available for OpenSolaris?"
"Yes, you can google for ""opensolaris support plan"". There are two plans available: Production and Essentials."
"David Comay""System5 here, are you guys planning on adding support for nvidia MCP67 ethernet cards in newer nv builds (see bug 4803 at defect.opensolaris.org) ?"
"We will likely be adding additional support for this chipset/card over time."
"Stephen Hahn""Is a tool available to make a offline version of IPS release repository ?"
"We'll be producing an ISO image of the release/ repository that can be downloaded and shared for free. "
"Stephen Hahn""Are there plans to make upgrading from one developer build to a later build easier? e.g. upgrading from b109 to b115?"
"You should be able to use ""pkg image-update"" or the UpdateManager to upgrade from 109 to 115."
"Glynn Foster""How will OpenSolaris and Solaris proper co-exist in the future?"
"OpenSolaris is on a 6 monthly release cadence. The latest OpenSolaris release, 2009.06, will be launched next month. We'll continue to provide Solaris 10 updates on a regular basis. All the latest innovation happens in OpenSolaris - you'll see it there first. For those who want the latest features, OpenSolaris is for you. For those who want a much slower evolving product, Solaris will be for you - the best operating system for the enterprise. At some stage in the future, we'll create an enterprise product based on the work we're doing in OpenSolaris. A date for this has not yet been defined, but stay tuned!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How is patching, say loading a new version of a driver , handled in opensolaris. Are ZFS snapshots used as part of the standard process for ""easy"" backout?"
"Currently, we only update the driver metadata in the various files in /etc (driver_aliases, minor_perm, etc), but the driver itself isn't loaded and attached on installation, even on a live image. This means that the driver isn't available for use immediately after install. This needs to be fixed, and will be for the next OpenSolaris release (hopefully soon, if you're following /dev). And yes, we do use ZFS snapshots heavily during update -- we snapshot before we make any modification to the image, and roll back if the update fails, for instance."
"Stephen Hahn""How do we get it?"
"http://opensolaris.com/get will have 2009.06 links by Monday."
"David Comay""I'm a loyal Solaris 10 user. Do you have (and are you prepared to provide) an ETA for when OpenSolaris will be released as Solaris 11?"
"We don't yet have a date for the follow-on Solaris release to Solaris 10. However, it will be based on the innovation being done in the OpenSolaris product."
"Jim Walker""How can I convince my boss to give OpenSolaris/ZFS a look for storage applications? He's still fixated on JBODs and tape backups."
"If your boss likes JBODs and tape backups he will love ZFS. I use ZFS with JBODs all the time. I was the test lead for ZFS. Take a look at: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zfs/"
"Stephen Hahn""is this thing on?"
"Yes, the chat's working."
"Dave Miner""What's the best-practices way to set up an OpenSolaris box to act as a fileserver for Windows clients?"
"You'll want to use the built-in CIFS server. If it's a simple workgroup setup, then it's pretty straightforward and chapter 10 of OpenSolaris Bible covers that case. If you want to use AD for authentication, then you'll need to configure the server as an AD client."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""we want official support of sun ray in opensolaris!"
"This is in progress; we expect that the next releases of OpenSolaris and SunRay will support each other, but we don't have an official date for this support yet."
"Sunay Tripathi""Can you please explain what vWire is?"
"Virtual Wire is a OpenSolaris/Crossbow technology to create a virtual network. You can use it to convert a physical network into a virtual network within a box to test your client/server apps in real world like environment. More details at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow"
"Glynn Foster""Can I use OpenSolaris as any linux ditributions and install apps using apt/get synaptic"
"OpenSolaris uses a network based package management system called IPS, or Image Packaging System. It is similar to the package management systems on Linux distributions like apt-get/dpkg/synaptic/yum. There are no plans to provide those package management systems on OpenSolaris."
"Dave Miner""Where can you find more info on the Automated Installer for more costum installs?"
"Start with the documentation at http://dlc.sun.com/osol/docs/content/dev/AIinstall/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Hi to all the panel, sorry I'm brand new and recently adquired an Open Solaris copy but I know that exist another Solaris called just Solaris whats the difference?"
"OpenSolaris is the next version of solaris; it's open source and completely redistributable.,"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""When will xVM Server be available?"
"We're currently in beta with xVM Server, we have all the Xen technology in this release of OpenSolaris 2009.06, we hope to release the xVM Ops Center connected version soon"
"David Comay""will there be any new Announcements at Java One?"
"We will be announcing the immediate availability of the OpenSolaris 2009.06 OS release from Sun and the OpenSolaris community including new support offerings. And Sun will be making additional announcements that week on other technologies."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""does b109 work on Macintosh?"
"Use VirtualBox and it'll work for sure (VirtualBox.org), I use it and it works great!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""why are there dissadents whining about IPS being a no scripting zone, and why should we not care?"
"that's a softball question:-). See Stephan Hahn's blog: htt://blogs.sun.com/sch"
"Glynn Foster""Will the SXCE effort be merged into Project Indiana once ON is fully buildable? Is there an expected date when SXCE releases will cease?"
"Yes, we expect to slowly merge the two trains of products post OpenSolaris 2009.06. There are no current dates for when this will happen as yet. We will be merging the new technologies such as IPS, Automated Install, Distribution Constructor, etc into ON post the release."
"Sunay Tripathi""Any chance of getting SPARC support in future releases of Opensolaris?"
"The early access bits are already available on Opensolaris and next release of Opensolaris 2009.06 will support it. "
"Stephen Hahn""hi all.. am new to opensolaris..!! it sounds cool.. but wen ever i boot my system it takes more time load.. can u give any suggestions to minimize the boot time??"
"Once you know your hardware is supported, you can deactivated unused/unneeded services to speed boot. There are tunable aspects, like using compression with ZFS that can speed some systems."
"Dave Miner""can use a different filesystem other than zfs at installation?"
"No, you cannot."
"Stephen Hahn""I have found driver support for disk controllers on opensolaris to be pretty weak. Any plans to improve that? Specifically refering to lower end chipsets for making cheap, awesome zfs fileservers"
"Use the Driver Detection Utility to create and submit a report about unsupported drivers. We use the results of these submissions as part of setting priorities for driver development."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Will ZFS in OpenSolaris 2009.06 include de-duplication support?"
"No. That feature is planned for a future release, however."
"Dave Miner""are there install options other than using jumpstart, like nfs?"
"Automated Installation uses tftp and http to download the various pieces."
"Sunay Tripathi""How does OpenSolaris fit into the Cloud initiatives?"
"Network Virtualizationb is one of the key foundations of Cloud. OpenSolaris has new technologies like Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow) which support network virtualization and Virtual wire and coupled with Zones/Xen/ZFS etc, it makes a great play in Cloud environment."
"Dave Miner""Are you guys planning on adding the ability to add a static IP address during the Cayman installation process in 2009.06? Right now it only defaults to dhcp / NWAM and this is making it difficult for my company to sell dedicated servers with OpenSolaris 2009.11 installed on them (the interns that install the servers don't know to do svcadm disable nwam, vi /etc/hostname.interface, vi /etc/defaultrouter, vi /etc/nsswitch.conf, vi /etc/hosts... it would be easier just to choose ""static IP"" and enter it during the Cayman installation process, no?"
"We are assessing options going forward, but an upgraded NWAM is almost ready and will help improve this situation."
"Stephen Hahn""will there be a seperate certification for Opensolaris?"
"I don't believe that's decided. I would expect the next version of the course to include OpenSolaris."
"David Comay""When is the kernel.warning ""no quiesce"" for broadcom bnx nics, and mega_sas be fixed?"
"We don't have a date yet but we've been working through each of the quiesce issues so I expect in the next couple of months."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What are the benefits of ZFS over other *nix file systems?"
"They're enormous... data protection, high performance, constant time snapshots. instant cloning, ... there's extensive info on zfs on sun.com, opensolaris.org, etc."
"Stephen Hahn""wat is next Netbeans target??"
"6.7 is coming in the next few months."
"Stephen Hahn""does opensolaris support boot from SAN ?"
"iSCSI boot is supported."
"Sunay Tripathi""Hi this is Amey from India. My question if how different OpenSolaris kernel is from Solaris 10 ?"
"Opensolaris is the Opensource release train for next release of Solaris. While that comes, we take periodic snapshots and release it in form of Opensolaris release. "
"Bart, Danek, Joost""y is that MP3 codec is not included in OpenSolaris..??"
"For codec licensing issues... but free mp3 codecs are available from Fluendo, and codina is installed to make getting thoise codecs easy."
"Stephen Hahn""Isn't Lustre supposed to be ported to Solaris? Whats up with that?"
"Good question, but I don't know the current status of the port. I'll check in and see if we can extract a blog entry out of the team."
"Dave Miner""I am new with opensolaris/solaris. I am working in order to get Solaris certification. Do you guys know a good cheap server to practice solaris?.Is this the best option??"
"Most Intel-based servers will work well, as drivers for most standard components are already included. RAID controllers are probably the most difficult issue, if you can make sure they can be run in a dumb mode. We'd suggest checking the Hardware Compatibility List hosted on http://bigadmin.sun.com"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are there any lega issues in developing support for ""Microsoft-Only"" apps (like WINE does for Linux)? This seems to me like the next logical step to get a larger share of the market."
"We currently use VirtualBox to address those types of issues, this solves not only the Windows apps challenges, but also allows you to run totally different OSes like *BSD, *Linux, DOS, OS2, L4, the list goes on and on :-) And it's free!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""is there any roadmap for SPARC processors?"
"Take a look on Sun.com... this chat is about OpenSolaris, not SPARC."
"Glynn Foster""ya know i havent seen much work being done to make managing multiple opensolaris desktops simple (like AD for windows), anyone working on something like that for opensolaris"
"We're starting to look at projects for that area, and we appreciate it's a source of frustration currently. One project you might want to keep your eye on is Visual Panels (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/vpanels/) which aims to provide a simple, centralized place for OpenSolaris administration. As we look towards the future, you can expect further projects to ramp up in this area."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What are the minimum requirements to run OpenSolaris on x86? And SPARC? Could I reasonably expect to get it running on my old tadpole SPARCle?"
"You'll need at least 512MB of memory to install, and the default installation takes about 4GB of disk space. You may need a gig to do the install (some machines have trouble with 512MB), and you may need less memory to run the box once it's installed, especially if you don't need to run the windowing system. We've got OpenSolaris running on 1G RAM 8GB HD Intel Atom boxes quite nicely, if a little slowly. SPARC is supported, but you'll need to have an OBP version 4.17 at least to install for sun4u, and currently you can only install via Automated Install (AI; the equivalent of JumpStart). I can't answer to the SPARCle specifically; you could ask on laptop-discuss, perhaps."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Will a transcript of this chat be available after?"
"yes - it will be on opensolaris.com"
"Sunay Tripathi""What feature of OpenSolaris are you most proud of?"
"CDDL. A great license to do anything you want. And then there are new features like Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow) coming online and others like Zones/ZFS/Dtrace etc. etc."
"Dave Miner""Where is this OpenSolaris Bible of which you speak?"
"Available via Amazon and most other major booksellers. See my blog at http://blogs.sun.com/dminer for direct links."
"Stephen Hahn""no quiesce() error in latest build, when will it be fixed?"
"Make sure a bug report for the specific driver is filed. We continue to sweep the drivers for quiesce() and suspend/resume support."
"Jim Walker""will you be shipping opensolaris on sun hardware?"
"Yes!! Most hardware will ship with OpenSolaris. Here's one to watch: http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x2270/"
"Dave Miner""Speaking of data protection vs zfs, will it be at least beta-quality encryption available for zfs any time soon?"
"The project is in progress and is expected to be available in development builds later this year."
"Glynn Foster""with the launch of opensolaris does this signal the end of the more closed solaris?"
"No, not at all. Solaris has a long tradition of providing a secure, stable, scalable operating system for the enterprise. While OpenSolaris moves at lightning speed on a 6 month cadence, Solaris will continue on a slower path as we realize their are customers who want a slower moving product. All innovation in OpenSolaris will form the basis of Solaris - in essence, you can get the latest features in OpenSolaris first."
"David Comay""is opensolaris an open software as linux is??. Can I design inside opensolaris/solaris?"
"Yes, OpenSolaris is based on open-source technologies under a variety of OSI-approved licenses. And you can definitely design inside OpenSolaris both as a kernel developer and application development."
"Glynn Foster""thank you"
"You're welcome :)"
"Jim Walker""Which one is better app opensolaris or linux?"
"OpenSolaris! Do you have applications in mind?"
"Dave Miner""How much focus is there on getting OpenSolaris to be the OS of choice for home users?"
"Home users aren't a primary focus, we are mostly targeting developers and business users. If you're a developer and home user, you should find it quite reasonable already, since all of us use it both in the office and at home."
"Sunay Tripathi""how friend opensolaries can be for a developer?"
"As a developer, if you want to test your client/server application, Opensolaris/Crossbow offers virtual wire where you can emulate a real environment right in a box (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow)."
"Stephen Hahn""as a budding developer why should i use opensolaris compared to other open platforms?"
"It depends on what kind of developer you are. For Web applications, many stacks are instrumented with DTrace, so you can track performance from component to component. For complex network applications, you can set up a virtual infrastructure using vWire and other Crossbow features. Debugging and observability are emphasized in the architectural review, which can pay off for developers trying to analyze problems."
"David Comay""Is the default shell still ksh?"
"The default scripting shell is ksh93 although other shells are available. The default user shell is bash although obviously this to can be customized."
"Sunay Tripathi""Hi this is Amey again from India. Crossbow talks are going on in India too in our OpenSolari UG. But will the crossbow show its magic on x86 platform with normal hardware for example intel gigabyte ethernet or so? Or will this be a enterprise level some what expensive & patended solution by Sun ?"
"Absolutely. Its platform Agnostic (as is Opensolaris). Both SPARC and x64 with any NICs."
"Stephen Hahn""i want to connect a mac based system to a solaris based server remotely"
"SSH is supported by both MacOS X and OpenSolaris for login. (NFS and CIFS are supported by both for network filesystem access.)"
"Dave Miner""hi. i need to know if you can setup host-to_vpn connectivity using ipsec in solaris | opensolaris"
"Yes, you can. We use OpenSolaris IPsec for our own VPN at Sun, and other technologies such as OpenVPN are also available."
"David Comay""this is good info. will there be a log of this chat available later?"
"Yes, a transcript will be available later on opensolaris.com."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""what do i have to find out the password of an messenger adress if i know the id?"
"please elaborate; this isn't clear to us."
"Sunay Tripathi""is this live?"
"No this the OpenSolaris Bot talking to you. What can we do for you today?"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Will zones support more linux distributions then redhat? if someone wants a different linux zone then red hat"
"Our current focus is on VirtualBox and making it run all the different distros out there (it's small lightweight and more versitile than the brand library). We've also made it able to run VirtualBox in a zone, so you can do a combination of the two. And it's free."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""is it possible to simply migrate from solaris 10 to opensolaris? My x4500 wants a piece."
"There's no simple migration strategy yet, unfortunately; you'll have to reinstall from scratch. If you were running Nevada, there's a blog entry from Ed Pilatowicz (blogs.sun.com/edp) that describes how to upgrade from Nevada to OpenSolaris, but I believe that requires that you stay on the same build. Since we have no build of OpenSolaris that matches an S10 build, that technique won't work."
"Sunay Tripathi""Do you have support for VoIP switches like Asterisk/Trixbox? Where would I find more information on that subject?"
"Absolutely. Coupled with Crossbow scaling, the performance rocks. http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow"
"Glynn Foster""how does OpenSolaris comapre to AIX 6 especially in regards to security ?"
"OpenSolaris is built on much of the same source code as Solaris, which is renowned for being a very secure operating system. With features such as User and Process Rights Management (also known as roled based access control, or rbac), secure by default networking, various cryptographic services, and Trusted Solaris we believe it has the competitive edge on Solaris. OpenSolaris, of course, has all these features and more."
"Dave Miner""When OpenSolaris in DVD version will be available for end user? As of now its in CD ROM format. As a OpenSolaris user yes I do know there are same releases in DVD format but a stable release in DVD Rom format probabbly with Sun complilers?"
"We don't have any plans yet for other media, but a DVD version of the release repository will be available in the near future. Note that, because it's redistributable, anyone in the community can build such a DVD right now using the Distribution Constructor."
"David Comay""@Guest 2329: Timeslider is an application that runs better on OpenSolaris than on linux...."
"Time Slider is definitely an application that leverages OpenSolaris technologies such as ZFS as well as the work Sun and others have done in the GNOME community."
"Stephen Hahn""is there any tools in opensolaries like hyperterminal in windows?"
"tip(1) is included, picocom and minicom both work on OpenSolaris."
"Dave Miner""OS Bible.... just started it a few days ago. Great so far! sorry that's not a question."
"Thanks for the compliment!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""am using WAN Mini Port in my Windows to connect to internet( am not using DHCP)... how to connect intenet in Opne solaris... ?? I need ti give a static IP.. I Couldnt find it!!"
"NWAM can be set up for static IP. You can edit the file /etc/nwam/llp to have the interface name and ip address in it: ""bge0"" for instance."
"David Comay""when will top / prstat / etc. only show zone specific stats from within the zone?"
"Some of the statistics are already zone-specific from within the zone. For those that are not, please feel free to file a request for enhancement at http://defect.opensolaris.org"
"Stephen Hahn""If you don't release ZFS and DTrace under the GPL, the Linux community will eventually program clones that makes those technologies of niche interest (even if it's very good technology - as your boss Schwartz says, adoption wins). So will you release ZFS and DTrace under a license that allows Linux to use them rather than clone and avoid them?"
"I'm not aware of any plans to relicense these technologies at this time."
"Sunay Tripathi""ok thanks. i plan to implement a small router/gateway on intel atom 330 with solaris|opensolaris ipsec/firewall"
"Perfect. You can get help/support on http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow"
"Stephen Hahn""Is there a particular reason that the developers of DTrace included all the functionality we never knew that we always wanted?"
"To reduce their incoming email load?"
"Stephen Hahn""that makes me happy"
"Glynn Foster""what is the basic diff between GNOME and GNU??"
"GNOME (http://www.gnome.org) is a desktop environment used on OpenSolaris, and other platforms such as Linux and BSD. GNU (http://www.gnu.org) is a project launched to develop a complete Unix-like operating system which is free software. While that operating system never really finished, many free and open source projects are associated with the GNU project, such as developer tools and other utilities. The GNU project is also responsible for a number of free software licenses such as the GPL."
"Dave Miner""Where are you guys located out of?"
"I'm in the Boston area, Jim's in Colorado, Glynn's usually in New Zealand, the others are in California."
"Jim Walker""why when a user runs out of space on a zfs filesystem can they not delete files? any idea when this ""bug"" will be fixed?"
"This community can give you specifics. http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zfs/ zfs-discuss@opensolaris.org."
"Sunay Tripathi""Sunay: I just looked at Crossbow but it seems to be a network virtualisation technology. I asked about availability of VoIP and Asterisk. Would another expert be able to offer a relevant answer please?"
"Its network Virtualization and scaling. You don't need to use virtualization parts of Crossbow. Opensolaris with Crossbow makes Asterisk performance go up 4 times and Asterisk runs on Opensolaris. Do you have a specific Asterisk question? "
"Stephen Hahn""I noticed there is project that exposes libzfs to java, I would love to see more opensolaris libs exposed. I realize this is probably not a sun project but are there any plans from Sun provide such things?"
"We try to wrap critical functions to make them available from other language platforms, but that may not happen fast enough. For stable interfaces, I'm sure we would take contributed modules, either via the full architectural review process or via inclusion in the contrib/ package repository. (File a bug at defect.opensolaris.org if you have a specific request, of course.)"
"Sunay Tripathi""Is the TUN/TAP driver supported on Solaris for applications like OpenVPN?"
"Work in progress. You can ask Seb on http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/networking/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Hi, I'm trying to build a home file server using OpenSolaris. The problem is that a fully loaded thumper is too much for my needs but I still want to find a way to utilize the awesome power of the SUNWhd SysV package. Do any of you guys know of a SATA controller card I could buy somewhere that has a chipset and Solaris driver (such as the marvell88sx driver) that is compatible with SUNWhd? Without SUNWhd, I am having trouble getting SMART data off my drives in Solaris and it's a real bummer :-( Other than that, keep up the great work, you guys rock!"
"I'll take that up w/ SATA controller folks... there are motherboards out there w/ 10 SATA ports, so getting SMART support into all the drivers is a better solution for home servers than add-on cards, I think. I'd ask this question on zfs-discuss mailing list on opensolaris.org."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""I understand that VirtualBox is free, but the hosted OS is not, that's why I was asking about native support for Microsoft-only apps... but I see how your approach works fine."
"Ah, ok, understand, well Wine is available in the contrib repo (pkg.opensolaris.org/contrib) so if you want to use that you're more than welcome too. Or was your question on how stable that Wine implementation is?"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""hi"
"hi there."
"David Comay""what is better opensolaris or solaris??"
"Solaris 10 is an extremely stable release that is updated periodically to include new platform support and other features and is fully supported. OpenSolaris includes the very latest development including many features that will not be available in Solaris 10 and it too is fully supported. As to which is better, it really depends on your requirements and your needs in terms of ISV qualification."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""i downloaded php, how do i install it"
"You can just install PHP on OpenSolaris by running ""pkg install SUNWphp52"" from the commandline, or choosing SUNWphp52 from the PackageManager. If you need to build your own version for whatever reason, you'll have to follow the install instructions that come with the source bundle."
"Dave Miner""I am studying solaris 10 certification. is solaris 11 certification coming?. When is it going to be open?. Is better wait to solaris 11 certification??"
"Yes, there will be certification for future Solaris releases, but since we haven't announced a date for the next Solaris release, there is no point in waiting. Most of what you learn in Solaris 10 certification will be useful for OpenSolaris and the next Solaris as well."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What do you consider to be the one thing that makes OpenSolaris competive over, say, AIX or HP-UX?"
"Well, neither HPux or AIX works on x86 or SPARC, so your platform choices are rather limited. Seriously, technical innovation is OpenSolaris's clear advantage."
"Dave Miner""Is there any chance we'll be able to get a more light-weight desktop like xfce available in a future version of OpenSolaris Indiana? Kind of like what Ubuntu does with xubuntu and kubuntu? XFCE is more like CDE than GNOME is, so it seems like it would feel more normal for older Solaris folk.... the fact that xfce uses much less RAM would be a blessing too. I know Belenix has xfce and Belenix is awesome, but it would nice to be able to get an xfce OpenSolaris Indiana that allows me to buy support subscriptions for it from sun. Thanks!"
"The packages will be available in the contrib repository, I believe, but the OpenSolaris distribution will likely focus on GNOME because of the accessibility support it provides, which is not present in xfce, as far as I know."
"Glynn Foster""As someone who has worked primarily with Mac OS X and Windows Servers what would the advantage be moving to Solaris - and what would be a good reason to introduce an OpenSolaris server to a network"
"OpenSolaris is an extremely customizable operating system that can be used for a variety of uses - storage, virtualization, hosting, etc. It is secure, scalable, and fast. Many of the unique features you might have heard of are useful in those environments - Solaris Containers, ZFS, DTrace, Crossbow. Personally I find the likes of Solaris Containers pretty compelling, being able to host a webserver (for example) in isolation of the operating system. Couple that with Crossbow provides a way to limit the traffic hitting that webserver. Confused as to why web requests are going slow, start using DTrace to dynamically trace the system for performance issues. Few other operating systems are as observable. I'd recommend you taking a look and substitute it in your network for a particular task."
"Jim Walker""I tried opensolaris on acer aspire 2920; i had to go back to ubuntu because of the pain of getting packages; is this now better?IPS?"
"Yes! The 0906 release of OpenSolaris next has a new one click pkg install capability in addition to the pkg cli and pkg manager. There are a lot of easy ways to install pkgs. You can see the one click links here: http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release/en/catalog.shtml"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :-)"
"About a pound a minute. With the upcoming release of OpenSolaris, about three pounds a minute. In nicely carved figurines, ready for sale. ;-)"
"Sunay Tripathi""Sunay: Yes, my original question was where in the OpenSolaris community to get Solaris-specific builds and community support for VoIP."
"Sorry. I had missed the original question. We are trying to bundle the package with Opensolaris. I know the bits are available but I can't see them on google. If you send me an email at my_first_name@SUN.COM, I can hook you up with Steve even sooner who has the packages (I have been running them with Crossbow for over an year)."
"Dave Miner""Any comment would like to make from any of you on performance of OpenSolaris 2008.11 on SSD drives? Those drives are yet not available in India."
"It's fast, but I expect 2009.06 will be faster."
"Stephen Hahn""Is anyone workin on an equivalent to ufsbackup/restore for zfs"
"I don't know what the planned projects are for ZFS backup. I know Zmanda is one option; also many sites use snapshots."
"Glynn Foster""Are there any free resource for learning OpenSolaris?"
"Absolutely. Check out http://www.opensolaris.org/use - from that link, you'll find a variety of How-To's and documentation. We'll be refreshing that page at the launch of OpenSolaris 2009.06 with more content!"
"Stephen Hahn""I will vouch for that, I can't believe how much better IPS, and the entire 2009.06 release is!"
"Thanks! (But please do file any bugs you find.)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What is Sun's opinion of ButrFS?"
"Sun doesn't have an opinion - but I wish them luck; they've got a LOT of work ahead of them."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Will xVM Ops Center be able to manage zones? Is there any other zone management solutions besides SCM?"
"Yes, in xVM Ops Center 2.0 and 2.1 you can discover Solaris Zones/Containers today. The control is very limited right now though. The next release of Ops Center (2.5) will have full control of Containers/Zones and you'll be able to do the full lifecycle (create/destroy/boot/reboot/... the lot)"
"Glynn Foster""Which development build is the 2009.06 release based? And will 2009.06 be available on Monday, June1?"
"Build 111b. Yes, it will be available on June 1st."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Do you ever get tired of the amazed looks on peoples faces when they start to grasp the full power of ZFS, esp. with regard to snapshots?"
"Nope. Never. :)"
"Stephen Hahn""Will OpenDS replace OpenLDAP in OpenSolaris?"
"I suspect both will continue to be available, as they both have their adherents."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""i like timeslider/pkgmanager, what other UIs are in development for dumb users who need smart technology?"
"Check out visual panels - there are lots more GUI front-ends coming for various aspects of Solaris administration. Check out how easily ipfilter is configured via smf services..."
"Jim Walker""how can I involve in OpenSolaris Development?? wat is gonna be big Stuff in Future Opensolaris versions??"
"You can join several communities and projects on opensolaris.org that do OpenSolaris kernel and application development. Here's a few: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/on/ http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""wen is next Live Chat (Support..:D)"
"Sometime later this summer."
"Dave Miner""Is there support in OpenSolaris to read/write from/to NTFS?"
"Not yet, but the FUSE project is coming soon and should have that support."
"Sunay Tripathi""what is the speciality of opensolaries compare to other os?"
"It has features like Zones/ZFS/Dtrace and then more recently Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow) which provides network virtualization and Virtual wire capabilities. In addition, it has the great RAS support etc. "
"Stephen Hahn""what is fishworks?"
"Fishworks is the development team that prototyped, developed, and produce the Unified Storage 7000 series."
"Dave Miner""Think I can replace one of our DNS servers with OpenSolaris before the chat ends? I've got the ISO burned to media."
"If it's a fast machine, yeah. Most installs on current machines take about 20 minutes. "
"Bart, Danek, Joost""can you burn copy righted movies"
"You can burn any iso image using the tools in OpenSolaris, but there are no tools to rip encrypted DVDs. "
"Stephen Hahn""In the future, when creating ipkg zones in OpenSolaris, will it be possible to use ""pkg install"" to install IPS packages from the global zone to the non-global zones (maybe using something like crossbow or ZFS cloning to access a fake ""global zone package repository"")? I currently am running a lot of OpenSolaris 2008.11 zones for my developers and they are complaining about latency issues in IPS and this seems like an ideal (if not perfect) way to solve the problem in future releases. Thanks!"
"Local caching specifically for speeding up zones installations is planned. We are going to issue the release/ repository as an ISO, so you can do the entire install for zones or for auto-install without contacting opensolaris.org."
"Stephen Hahn""Check"
", mate."
"Glynn Foster""@Guest 2326: You can always join #opensolaris on irc.freenode.net"
"Good point - a lot of the OpenSolaris community hang out on IRC at #opensolaris."
"David Comay""Can you explain zones a bit for people that can unfamiliar with them"
"Zones are a virtualization solution that virtualizes the OS at the kernel level. What that means is there is a single kernel but each zone or container sees what looks like a separate system with process, network, file isolation. Because zones are implemented via a very lightwight layer, you can run hundreds and even thousands of zones on a single system depending on the workload requirements. Zones also allows for much greater system utilization than virtualization systems which vitualize a complete virtual machine and can benefit from OpenSolaris technologies like ZFS, FMA (fault management architecture), Crossbow, scheduling, etc."
"Dave Miner""OpenSolaris doesnt have option for user to make partitions like in Solaris 10. Can that be available in upcoming release with reverse UFS support as option? I beleive currently 1 needs to create solaris partitions to install OpenSolaris. I do agree again there are zones in which we can mount /opt etc but for that some skill set is required. Amey here again from India."
"Some additional options for disk partitioning will be coming in future releases. parted and GParted just integrated into the system last week, so we'll be able to offer lots more capability than we've had before."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Does Sun offer failover/load balancing solutions, like EMC PowerPath?"
"mpxio is a standard part of OpenSolaris.... it supports load balancing, failover, etc."
"Sunay Tripathi""is there documentation how to setup ipsec vpn between opensolaris and cisco or juniper"
"Not very sure and we don't have the VPN expert here right now. If you ask the question on networking-discuss http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/networking, you can get some answers."
"Glynn Foster""any idea about Google Summer of Code..!! any suggestions as a open Source developer..?? (ofcourse this not Opesolaris... but still))"
"Unfortunately OpenSolaris has not participated in the Google Summer of Code as project for the last few years. Fortunately, however, many of the free software projects that do participate are included in OpenSolaris. I'd recommend to visit http://code.google.com/soc/ and find a project that is included in OpenSolaris, and help OpenSolaris indirectly."
"Stephen Hahn""When will JavaFX be available?"
"Stay tuned."
"Stephen Hahn""what is comstar?"
"COM(mon) S(CSI) TAR(get)"
"Glynn Foster""This chat window is too small. Is there a way to make it bigger?"
"Unfortunately not. I've passed on your comments to the Slashdot administrators."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Concerning Zones in OpenSolaris: Are there, or will there, be Solaris 8/9/10 Brands provided? To assist those who are migrating off of older systems and want to ease their way into OpenSolaris gradually?"
"In short, yes, we're currently working on the Solaris 10 Container as we speak. We definitely want to make the migration off older systems as simple as possible."
"Stephen Hahn""will ZFS become dual licensed for inclusion in the linux kernel?"
"No plans as far as I know."
"Jim Walker""Is there a market for someone with OpenSolaris system admin skills?"
"Yes. OpenSolaris will be the main ""Solaris"" OS going forward. Take a look at: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sysadmin/"
"Stephen Hahn""Whay aren't you joining in with Google Summer of Code?"
"We've participated in the past; best to follow up with Google."
"David Comay""Will Perl 5.10.0 and Python 2.6.2 be the default in OpenSolaris 2009.06? Why or why not?"
"We currently have Perl 5.8.4 and Python 2.6.1 in OpenSolaris 2009.06. Perl 5.10 is coming as the default very soon and we will be updating Python as well after that."
"Sunay Tripathi""What is the key difference in terms of performance between openSolaris and a standard linux distribution such as Red Hat for web services purposes?"
"The official benhmarks are in progress but I think you can see some smaller benchmarks on the ACM Sigcomm paper that is supposed to appear in August 2009. You can find it at http://blogs.sun.com/sunay"
"David Comay""This is pretty cool, thanks for talking to us"
"No, thank you for joining us today!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""which people are the tergated user of opensolaries? is it develop all or a specific group of people like developer and advance user?"
"For the moment, the target audience is developers and students, though anyone who wants to get involved in the future of Solaris should be taking a look at what's going on and playing around with it as best they can."
"Dave Miner""I already have OpenSOlaris bible as a hard copy, but it's hard lugging around a ton of books every day. Is there any web site on the net where I can purchase an official ""pdf e-book copy"" of the OpenSolaris Bible (i.e. to support the authors). So far I have only seen small sample chapters available in pdf. Thanks!"
"Wiley says it'll be available in e-book form really soon. I'll definitely post to my blog at http://blogs.sun.com/dminer when it comes out."
"Glynn Foster""Some OpenSolaris kernel based distros integrating KDE in there distros..Do OpenSolaris have any similar plan? And also about adding free compilers?"
"We hope to have KDE available in the package repository at some stage (hopefully soon) in the future. GCC is already available in the repository to download (SUNWgcc), and we've updated the version for OpenSolaris 2009.06. Check out http://pkg.opensolaris.org/dev for a sneak preview of the types of packages that will be available for OpenSolaris 2009.06."
"Jim Walker""Can I contribute packages to OpenSolaris"
"Join the Software Porters Community and checkout the Source Juicer. http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters/contributing/ http://jucr.opensolaris.org/home/"
"Sunay Tripathi""Will we see performance improvements in the UDP or Multicast portions of the network stack akin to what was done with TCP in FireEngine?"
"Yes. Check out the work done under http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow and some Sigcomm papers available on the http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/Docs page. UDP and multicast performance has improved very significantly."
"Sunay Tripathi""Whats the difference between a 'Distinguished' and 'Principal' engineer?"
"Distinguished engineers get to take public flogging :)"
"Stephen Hahn""how can a browser work with its own kernel..?? Will Kernel of browser and kernel of Os Communicate...?? and Wat is Time slider??"
"Not sure what your kernel-browser question means; it's doubtful that the browser's ""kernel"" uses privileged instructions. Time Slider exposes ZFS filesystem snapshots in the desktop file browser, so that previous versions of files are easily accessible."
"Dave Miner""OpenSolaris going to roll out with any Sun servers this year with support option from Sun Microsystems?"
"Yes! You can already buy support for OpenSolaris, and it will install on any of our current servers; the pre-install option is being rolled out."
"David Comay""How well does OpenSolaris run under VMWare?"
"OpenSolaris 2009.06 works very well under various versions of VMware."
"Jim Walker""Can you recommend resources for ZFS ACL administration?"
"Take a look at the great ZFS admin guide at: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zfs/ zfs-discuss@opensolaris.org"
"Stephen Hahn""The little red text at the chat screen is telling me to ask you about Time Slider :-) Enlighten me, please!"
"Easy access to snapshots via the desktop's graphical file browser."
"Dave Miner""when will opensolaris bible be in bookstores?--yeah, i still go to bookstores :)"
"I've actually seen it in my local Barnes and Noble, and know that Jerry and Nick found it in the one near their houses. Ask your bookstore's manager to carry it!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is there a way to order OpenSolaris stickers and such so I can plaster them all over the Linux weenie cohorts desks/monitors/etc?"
"Come to our booth at CommunityOne or JavaOne and we'll give you a pile of them (CommunityOne is free btw, http://opensolaris.com/communityone)"
"Sunay Tripathi""What is project Volo, and how does it help?"
"Its one of the key projects on Solaris Networking. You can get details at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/volo but briefly it adds kernel socket interface to Solaris and improves socket performance."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""how can I contribute to OpenSolaris (except using it?)"
"You can join any of the mailing lists for projects that might interest you, and either answer questions, or participate in design review, or share code. There are forums on opensolaris.com as well, where you could answer questions. Plus, if you contribute to any of many opensource projects that OpenSolaris pulls in, you'll be helping OpenSolaris, if indirectly. Doing some evangelizing about it would also be great."
"Stephen Hahn""When do I get paid by Sun marketing for all the easy questions I've been astroturfing?"
"Are you coming to CommunityOne?"
"Glynn Foster""Time Slider...Yes !! Just like in Vista...Would like to get more info about it. [ Amey from India ]"
"Time Slider is a user interface to manage ZFS snapshot per user, essentially allowing you to take snapshots of your work, and roll back at any given point of time. Check out Erwann's blog (the developer who wrote it) - http://blogs.sun.com/erwann/entry/zfs_on_the_desktop_zfs"
"Dave Miner""This is a little off topic, but does anybody know how to maximize this slashdot chat window client? It's getting to be a real ergonomic pain in the rear scrolling up and down this thing with less than two inches of space in the text box. Other than that this is great!"
"You can't resize it, unfortunately. Next time we do this we hope that will be an option."
"David Comay""Wow that great. We can think of switching to OpenSolaris then along with silver/gold support. useful info. Thanx ave [ from Amey/.India ]"
"We are very excited to be able to offer support of various forms for OpenSolaris."
"Glynn Foster""Time Slider seems neat, but can I delete something and make it irrecoverable through this feature?"
"Sure, you can just delete the ZFS snapshot (or associating ZFS clones)."
"Sunay Tripathi""opensolaris rules but will we be seeing better virtualization support with the os anytime soon"
"Try the Opensolaris 2009.06 release (you can already download the bits). Coupled with Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow)/Zones, Xen, Ldom and Virtual Box, you should have the best support for virtualization. Let us know if you see anything missing. "
"Bart, Danek, Joost""'Gazelle' The First Browser With Its Own Kernel.... any Idea??"
"It seems rather odd to add kernels to each application... what are they trying to achieve?"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are you planning to bring opensolaris to Free Software International Forum (FISL 10) in Brazil this year?"
"yes; some opensolaris folks will be there."
"Stephen Hahn""We are using TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN for delovoping a program with visual studio. but we have a problem when update the files fromserver. for example, when we change any code and commit it to server we can not upgrade new code. server send us old codes.Why is that happinnig?"
"I would recommend trying to reproduce these with the svn command line, and then following up with the Subversion community."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""i am a bit dissapointed how often i had to reboot opensolaris just because some components - even non-cirtical ones - were updated and/or installed. how can that be prevented?"
"At the moment, the only thing that might require this is the installation of a new driver, but you can get around the reboot by running ""devfsadm -i "". As for updates, we're working on a better granularity of what updates are done to the live image and which ones aren't, but it's likely that drivers will always be updated on a clone, requiring a reboot. "
"Dave Miner""sorry for the slowball question: but ive been trying to create a liveusb fob with opensolaris but fail"
"The usbcopy command should do the trick if you have OpenSolaris running already. There's a tool for Windows written by a community member, see my blog http://blogs.sun.com/dminer for a link. There isn't a tool for Linux or MacOS yet."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How are you lovely people doing today :) ?"
"fine thank you... and yourself?"
"Sunay Tripathi""Do sockets automatically get the benefit of project Volo after a certain build, or do you have to go out of your way to ""invoke"" it's benefits? The project site is not clear on this."
"The performance benefits are available without doing anything. If you need to add your kernel module, I would recommend kernel socket interface."
"Stephen Hahn""are there enough docs to build packages using IPS? are you working on removing SUNW legacy references?"
"We're writing a Packaging Developer's Guide, so come to pkg-discuss@opensolaris.org in the meanwhile. If you are using pkgbuild, then the packages are constructed automatically as part of the build. A large rename of the packages will be pursued this summer, with the stock symbol prefix being dropped."
"David Comay""Does OpenSolaris support FCoE?"
"Support just came in the 112 development build which will be available in a supported form in the release that follows 2009.06."
"Dave Miner""but how can one be created without using the usbinstall script, i dont have access to a solaris box to use it, only linux and mac"
"We don't have tools for creating the USB devices yet on Linux or Mac, unfortunately. Contributions would be welcome!"
"Jim Walker""Yeah, what is Time Slider?"
"Here's a good blog: http://blogs.sun.com/erwann/entry/new_time_slider_features_in"
"Dave Miner""When I tried to install OS, it required a primary partition (in BSD style), installation on extended ones are not supported?"
"No, not yet. We're hoping to have extended partition support later this year."
"Sunay Tripathi""The link for croassbow appears to be dead can u loook into it"
"Are you sure you did not mistype. The link is http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/ "
"Stephen Hahn""haha cool"
"You bet."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are you guys ever planning on replacing the default GNU chmod in OpenSolaris Indiana with a real SOLARIS chmod in future releases of Indiana (2009.xx) so that we can manage ZFS ACL's more effictively? For some ""Solaris only"" features it might make more sense to maintain a Solaris native version of the command instead of trying push upstream changes that Stahlman and GNU probably aren't interested in anyway."
"we're taking both approaches - see current changes coming to /usr/bin/ls. We're trying to get commands that both enable Solaris features and provide gnu compatibility."
"Sunay Tripathi""ssbow appeartook into this please?"
"Question is garbled. Ask again"
"Glynn Foster""Do you think or feel that OpenSolaris will make a move in desktop which is dominated by microsoft?"
"We've been trying to improve the desktop experience on OpenSolaris because we realize we have a lot of desktop users and developers wanting to use OpenSolaris - as an example, we've improved the area of media by including Codeina which enables users to download additional codecs for media formats from Fluendo. We also produce desktop based technologies like Sun Ray and Secure Global Desktop that are pretty compelling for a desktop enterprise deployment. Of course, VirtualBox runs on OpenSolaris which allows you to run other operating systems as a guest."
"Stephen Hahn""Do you have opensolaris for the SheevaPlug? http://www.openplug.org/"
"I don't believe we tested one of these. I'll send the link to our x86 team--thanks. (What do you use this for?)"
"Dave Miner""what about how the usb should be formatted and partitioned, if i could get the layout for that i could probably just dd it over"
"The .usb image can in fact be dd'ed over, the issue for doing it on Linux is getting the boot block installed correctly."
"David Comay""is this real"
"It's as real as you want it to be. However, OpenSolaris also supports virtual environments both as a host and as a guest."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are opensolaris distributions fledging like Linux? In your opinion, is there a differnce between the linux distro ecosystem, and opensolaris's ecosystem?"
"There are a small handful of OpenSolaris-based distributions, including Nexenta, MarTux, and Schillix. There are certainly differences between the OpenSolaris and Linux ecosystems, probably primarily because the bulk of the engineers working on OpenSolaris are employees of Sun Microsystems, and working together in a small number of physical locations, which leads to a different style of working together."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""When will a Synaptics trackpad driver be included in OpenSolaris' X Windows implementation?"
"not sure; I thought we had one already. I have one on my Ferrari 3400 ... I'll ask the developer."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""windows requires Drivers(audio etc..).. But i installed OpenSolaris it didnt ask for any drivers!!! Gr8.. Wat is the theory behind it??"
"OpenSolaris also requires drivers, but almost all drivers are installed by default."
"Glynn Foster""How do I turn off that red marketing text at the top of the window? It means there's even less room to read the chat session..."
"Unfortunately you can't - these are broadcast messages. We recognize it makes it hard to show the chat transcript. From time to time we'll be posting messages there. We'll make a transcript available after this chat session."
"Sunay Tripathi""what makes open solaris better than fedora or ubuntu"
"It depends on what you want to do. But OpenSolaris has some cool technologies like Zones/ZFS and now Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/). Try reading some of the Sigcomm papers that are due to appear in August 2009 available at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow//Docs."
"Glynn Foster""Since you're advertising sunwear all over the chat window... When will you have Stuff available for people outside the US with shipping prices that are almost reasonable?"
"We're looking at options now. We appreciate the situation and cost of shipping outside the US. Hopefully we'll have something to announce soon!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How long would it take (average) to implement a missing/malfunctioning driver? Let's say, a NIC... or even better, a VGA card?"
"this depends almost entirely on the deveoper.. if you've never written a driver before, a long time... if you really know Solaris NIC drivers, a day or two or even less."
"David Comay""How do I tell what process is listening on what port in OpenSolaris? In BSD I use the ""lsof -i"" command but I don't think lsof works on newer Solaris versions anymore, I tried that ""pfiles"" command but the output didn't make sense to me there either.... In Linux I do this command: ""netstat -nap | grep LISTEN | grep -v unix"" but there is no ""-p"" option in Solaris netstat.... so... what's the official way to tell what process ID is listening on what TCP port number? There was this shell script called ""pcp"" I found on google that claimed it could do this in Solaris, but it didn't seem to be working very well for me... so what's the method you Sun engineers use to tell what pid is listening on what TCP port? (please post link or command line one liner) Thanks!"
"At the moment the easiest way is to chdir to /proc and then run ""pfiles *"" and grep/search for the port number in question. This is obviously an area where improvments can be made so we would appreciate if you could file a request for enhancement at http://defect.opensolaris.org"
"Sunay Tripathi""SheevaPlug: It's for running an embedded server. I want to put my VoIP server in one. Low, low energy consumption for the always-on single-purpose server. Note it has an ARM chip, not x86"
"Interesting. We will look into. Currently Opensolaris does not have ARM support."
"Glynn Foster""hi"
"Hey there! Welcome to the OpenSolaris Chat Session - feel free to ask a question, or better yet, take the time to install OpenSolaris! http://www.opensolaris.com/get"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""As of two months ago, there was not a Syntaptics trackpad driver, except for a couple of hacks that only work on Acer systems. That may have changed, but it would be good to know where to look to find updates on that topic ;>"
"driver-discuss @ opensolaris.org is the place to go..."
"Sunay Tripathi""will crossbow support a 10 gbe nas or nat solutions"
"It already does!!"
"Stephen Hahn""How effificient OpenSolaris is on a tablet pc? Havent heard any feedbacks on community page. [ Amey from India ]"
"It should work fine, but I think the question is whether the touchscreen's driver is supported. What models are interesting? (I think there's a Toshiba tablet we might look at by default.)"
"David Comay""windows 7 gonna be released...!!!"
"Yes it will be and it runs very well on VirtualBox; download it for free from http://virtualbox.org. And OpenSolaris is an excellent host for running guest operating systems."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is there someone migrating games to OS? Have we some tool like WineX to emulate windows games? (Hope to see you guys here on FISL10!). I'm from PoA-OSUG."
"Well VirtualBox now has 3D support (read: OpenGL passthrough) it's not super optimal for games but it gets pretty far... I'm not aware of the status of WineX at this point. We can look into this."
"Glynn Foster""hi"
"Hey there! Welcome to the OpenSolaris Chat session - please ask your question!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Why has been preferred the CDDL upon the GNU license for OpenSolaris?"
"the primary reason was that it make the commercial use of opensolaris combined w/ proprietary bits a much simpler proposition.... the CDDL is basically the mozilla license and is an OSI approvide open source license."
"Stephen Hahn""Is BIND included in OpenSolaris?"
"Sunay Tripathi""What sessions will be at CommunityOne?"
"Check out www.opensolaris.com/communityone"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""have opensolaris a 64bit support"
"yes, for both sparc ad x86 architectures."
"Dave Miner""Hi, is it ok to plan running OpenSolaris as production storage server, or is it intented for development environment mainly ?"
"Yes, it definitely is useful for production environments. You should check out the support options linked from http://www.opensolaris.com"
"Stephen Hahn""What's the best Netbook for running opensolaris?"
"Every device in the Acer Aspire One is supported. We should run on most netbooks, except for those with Broadcom wireless."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is 2009.06 the latest version of OpenSolaris?"
"Stephen Hahn""My interest is in ThinkPad x61 or upcoming models. [ Amey from India ]"
"Okay, thanks."
"Sunay Tripathi""Can we use crossbow with IPMP and aggregation ?"
"Yes, it works very well with Crossbow. You can create VNICs over aggr or take two VNICs on different attach point and put them in IPMP group. Lets us know at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/ if anything doesn't work."
"Stephen Hahn""my laptop support 2008.05 editon but 2008.11 produces lot of error messages likes sysn 2 3 4 2 3 3 2 3 3 such"
"When do you see this message?"
"Jim Walker""hi what 's your name"
"Stephen Hahn""I have OpenSolaris installed on my netbook with a broadcom chip (so ndis wrapper driver) - but there's no WPA support for this driver. Any idea when OpenSolaris will have full WPA support for more wireless drivers than just ath?"
"Intel and Realtek wireless should work fine. No?"
"Stephen Hahn""are bluray drives currently supported"
"Will have to check."
"Jim Walker"2121121
"testing 123"
"Sunay Tripathi""1 question about VPN support. It's always been a time consuming task. Can we expect to see inbuilt Open VPN client software in upcoming version of OpenSolaris? [ Amey from India ]"
"Good suggest. Perhaps make it at network-discuss http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/networking"
"Stephen Hahn""do you follow lustre zfs development? any chance seeeing it next year in OpenSolaris?"
"We're going to check in on Lustre status."
"Glynn Foster""Will there be any new releases for Sun Java Desktop or Project Looking Glass?"
"Sun Java Desktop was originally a product based on Linux, though the brand was adopted as the desktop available on Solaris 10. JDS will continue to exist in Solaris 10 Updates. Going forward, we're going to drop that brand as we develop for the OpenSolaris Desktop. Project Looking Glass is open source, available from https://lg3d.dev.java.net/ - I don't believe it's getting any development these days, but if you are interested you could join that community directly."
"Sunay Tripathi""Guys, COMSTAR rocks! Is it production ready ?"
"It is production ready and will be available in OpenSoalris 2009.06."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How much of OpenSolaris remains ""non-open""? Are there still some bits and pieces that still have not been released under an open license?"
"Yes, there are still a bunch of things we can't release, for various reasons. There's some really old code we don't have the rights to open, and the company we got it from has disappeared. And there's a bit of code we just don't have the resources to find out whether we can open it or not, or technologies we don't intend to support in the future, and so we don't have any intention of spending the engineering resources opening it up. Much of the non-open code from the original launch has been opened or replaced -- the big remaining bits are the i18n support in libc and the IKE libraries and utilities."
"Stephen Hahn""There will be some documentation about OpenSolaris kernel internals? I can't find any on the main website"
"The ""Solaris Internals"" book should still be generally accurate. For specific subsystems, you might consult the relevant ARC cases to see design discussions."
"Glynn Foster""before 2 months with live disk 2008.11"
"I'm not quite sure what your question is. However, OpenSolaris 2009.06 will be available on June 1st. I'd encourage you to check it out. A LiveCD is available for x86/x64 based systems."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""n/t"
"David Comay""marvell network driver support for open solaris"
"Marvell drivers are currently available from http://marvell.com and we hope to make drivers available in an OpenSolaris repository in the future."
"Stephen Hahn""does sun plan to add information dispersal algorithim tech to opensolaris something like the linux based cleversafe open source project??? This seems likes the perfect extension for the zfs filesystem"
"I don't know of any plans, but we'll look into it. Thanks for the question."
"Jim Walker""@windows 7: Cool answer..!! Well i didnt try Dtrace yet..!!! how to invoke or start it??"
"There's some great info on DTrace here: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/dtrace/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Who is this unamed OpenSolaris expert? :-P"
"There's three of us, don't tell anybody ;-)"
"David Comay""I have a question about the chat technology - is the client for this chat embedded entirely within a flash ad? Or is something else going on. Just curious. :)"
"Yes, the chat client is embedded in the flash ad."
"David Comay""sdsd"
"Please see the sd(7D) manual page for more information."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Hi, extremely paranoid OpenBSD and OpenSolaris user here... In future releases of OpenSolaris Indiana (2009.xx) will you guys consider making bad ssh brute force login attempts log to /var/adm/authlog by default both on the LiveCD and after a fresh install so that OpenSolaris is ""secure by default"" and I know who is trying to hack my SSH port (computer booted up from an OpenSolaris live CD logging everything the /var/adm/authlog might make a great honeypot). It's too tedious having to create the /var/adm/authlog file by hand then chmod and chgroup then edit /etc/default/login and /etc/syslog.conf file etc. etc. just because you want to see who is making thousands of bad login attempts on your SSH port. Seriously, by the time I'm done creating and editing all those files and have crossed my fingers and done the svcadm refresh, it might allready be too late!!! Other than that, keep up the great work, you guys are awesome."
"Yup - this needs to happen. I'll file a bug on this today. I've had the same problem w/ systems open to the Internet."
"Glynn Foster""2009.06.. wats new in it??? except crossbow!!"
"Lots! We have updated versions of many software included in OpenSolaris (Firefox, GNOME, OpenOffice, GCC, ...), support for single click package installs from a web browser, support for SPARC, new drivers, improved power management, a whole bunch of networking improvements (Crossbow, IPMP, socket enhancements). Also check out Source Juicer (http://jucr.opensolaris.org/) as a new package build and submission web based tool. Check out http://www.opensolaris.com/learn/features/whats-new/200906 on June 1st!"
"Stephen Hahn""I'm pleased to see OSUNIX working on getting a completely open source version of OpenSolaris. Is Sun helping those guys?"
"Sun attempts to assist and answers question from all OpenSolaris community efforts. I'm not sure if any specific work with OSUNIX is begin done, although I've seen Sun answers to OSUNIX questions in many opensolaris.org forums."
"David Comay""what is open solaris"
"The free and easy to use OpenSolaris OS is a leading-edge open source release with world-class support and unique, innovative features that let you be brilliant faster. Check what's new with this release. http://www.opensolaris.com/learn/features/whats-new/200906 should be live on June 1st with all the details."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is OpenSolaris intended as a future Solaris replacement?"
"OpenSolaris is the future of Solaris.... it's our development vehicle for the next long-term release version of Solaris..."
"Glynn Foster""Is Jeff going to present a live demo of ZFS deduplication on July in Australia ?"
"I believe he is planning to talk about ZFS dedup at KCA, so hopefully a live demo will be involved! I'd encourage you to register for the event anyway, as there is a great line up of speakers."
"Dave Miner""Nexenta is really a 'ouside' Sun project? I tried nexenta in 2007 and it runs well on my dino 'desknote' hehehe"
"Nexenta is an independent company building products based on OpenSolaris."
"Jim Walker""Are there any Sun-specific or OpenSolaris utilities that are comparable to Nagios or Cacti, except that cater to Solaris environs?"
"There are a lot of similar apps coming into the contrib repository. http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters/contributing/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Can we restore OSOL rpool backup (zfs receive) with an S10 media ?"
"subject to the usual zpool version issues. Long term backups are best done w/ other tools. "
"Stephen Hahn""Is there any way to get the IPS packages without using IPS? :)"
"If you mean, without contacting pkg.opensolaris.org, then, yes, we're providing a copy of the repository as an ISO image for 2009.06. If you mean, without using pkg(5) components, then, sure, it's just HTTP."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Does OpenSolaris support 10GbE?"
"Yes. We support chelsio, xframe, hydra, intel, and our own ""Neptune"" chipset (on Niagaras). I may be missing a couple."
"Glynn Foster""Eagerly waiting to see integration of Sun's StarOffice in OpenSolaris. [ Amey from India ]"
"You can of course install OpenOffice.org 3.1 in OpenSolaris right now - why wait!?"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""@Guest 2376: so sort of like how Fedora was the ""development release"" of RHEL at first"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""how does one migrate from Solaris10(global) zones to Opensolaris? there is some discussion on zones-discuss to use branded zones on OpenSolaris host. Any comments on that."
"We're currently working on giving you the ablility to either move the global zone to a Solaris 10 Branded Zone (Solaris 10 Container) on OpenSolaris and to move a non-global zone into a Solaris 10 Branded Zone. Both of these efforts are currently underway."
"Dave Miner""ZFS talks in Unix world is getting a hot pick. We had a compatibility issue on 1 of the server in Canada. Sun took some hafty time to solve it. To support older 3rd party software products at enterprise level is Sun thinking to make available UFS support in OpenSolaris. Currently it has only ZFS by default."
"You can continue to use UFS file systems on OpenSolaris for your data, but ZFS is the only option for the system software."
"David Comay""what is solaris"
"Solaris 10 is an enterprise-ready, supported, stable operating system from Sun that runs on x86/x64 and SPARC platforms. OpenSolaris contains leading-edge, open-source technology that combines the very latest in hardware support, the most recent versions of core technolgies like ZFS, SMF, FMA, Zones along with a familiar environment."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""does this os needs drivers of my intel board to run its different applications like internet etc... ans plz"
"modern intel mobos are very well supported; boot the live cd and run the ddu to find out."
"Dave Miner""exist support for ext3 in live cd of opensolaris 6.09?"
"No, not yet. Once the FUSE project is available we'll look into adding that support into future releases."
"Jim Walker""Is there an equivalent to dm-crypt in opensolaris (or will there be)?"
"Checkout this project: http://opensolaris.org/os/project/zfs-crypto/"
"Glynn Foster""wow... this is a cool idea... chatting with the REAL techies like this... wow.. smart"
"Glad you like it :)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is Fibre Channel supported in OpenSolaris or is that Solaris-specific?"
"Yes, it's supported, btw FCoE is ONLY supported in OpenSolaris."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Any idea when ZFS will support file-system level encryption?"
"this is under active development - should be available in the next release."
"Stephen Hahn""Is there anything new for SMF?"
"smf(5) now has extended template information, so that the service author can give more guidance about legitimate configuration values (like ranges, enumerations, associated properties, etc.). Stops errors like entering an invalid port in a service configuration, for instance."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""what is the future of solaris zones? is there any new development going on in that area?"
"The zones team is working to figure out how zones will work on OpenSolaris. Right now, we only support a branded zone. Sparse zones may disappear, to be replaced with whole-root zones and ZFS de-duplication (so that you continue to save the disk space)."
"Sunay Tripathi""If the OpenSolaris community were to port the OpenBSD ""packet filter"" or ""pf"" firewall software to Indiana would you guys over at Sun be willing to embrace it and maybe help to integrate it with crossbow? Packet filter is probably the best firewall and traffic shaping software in existence and it's the only REALLY cool thing in UNIX that Solaris doesn't have already.... other than that, OpenSolaris has a pretty much near monopoly on ""cool stuff"" (i.e. crossbow, ZFS, smf, dtrace, fma, predictive self-healing, BART, etc. etc.)"
"If you guys are willing to do the heavy lifting, we will make it work. We should discuss this more in detail at http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/Discuss"
"Jim Walker""Backups backups backups. What about HSM project? Opensolaris should be good for that ;) Any comments from the group?"
"Have you looked at the Storage Community? http://opensolaris.org/os/community/storage/ storage-discuss@opensolaris.org"
"Glynn Foster""can u guys make Opensolaris extremely robust and REALTIME in furure versions???"
"We believe we're there already - as always, performance and stability are priorities with each and every release. If you have feedback in terms of bugs you encounter, visit http://defect.opensolaris.org."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""can i instal this os on my harddisk"
"Yes, as long as the drive has at least 4GB of free space in a primary partition."
"Glynn Foster""8 hrs after this chat session closes and I have problems installing opensolaris on my x64 clone computer, what do I do then?"
"Try visiting the OpenSolaris IRC channel on Freenode - #opensolaris irc.freenode.net There's a whole bunch of really helpful folks there that can help you with your problems."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""in live mode Lisa daemon is not there in OpenSolaris 2008.11 I beleive. Can we see it in upcoming version? in Live cd mode I mean to say. It's useful to access resources across LAN. [ Amey from India. ]"
"I assume this is the lan information server... this sounds like a good candidate for integration into opensolaris.... you're welcome to help w/ this!"
"Stephen Hahn""Will we be able to see packages like mplayer, vlc, wine, and virtualbox in the opensolaris ""release"" repository for 2009.06?"
"VirtualBox goes into the extra/ repository because of licensing. wine is in contrib/. mplayer and vlc are trickier, although we now have codec availability through Codeina, so maybe we can get the players (without codecs) into contrib/"
"COMSTAR and iscsit in solaris10 - are they both available in the new opensolaris release? Or, you dropped one in favour of the other?"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Can you explain how the ZFS ARC is different from other filesystem caches?"
"adaptive replacement cache... see wikipedia entry for zfs."
"A DVD player for OpenSolaris from Fluendo has been under development for a while. Do you know when it will be available? In the meantime, is there any other ""legal"" way to play DVDs in OpenSolaris? Thank you."
"Stephen Hahn""have there been any major code contributions from outside sun to the core kernel components of opensolaris? it seems hard to imagine the kernel group allowing outside contributions..."
"There's collaboration between Sun and Intel, and Sun and AMD for support of their various technologies. Community-driven contributions to improve performance (lofi for example) or correctness have been integrated. I'm not sure a large change has been proposed."
"Glynn Foster""What does OpenSolaris think of Nexenta?"
"OpenSolaris is a big community - obviously I can't speak for everyone there! Nexenta is producing OpenSolaris based products - I think diversity is a valuable thing, and would love to see them contribute to the upstream projects on http://www.opensolaris.org"
"Jim Walker""Thanks for answering Jim, can a log of this chat be emailed out?"
"The chat log will be on opensolaris.com and pointers to the log will be sent out on opensolaris-discuss. http://www.opensolaris.com/"
"Stephen Hahn""i have a mtg - so this is just a comment - aside from the WPA support issue on my broadcom wireless chip - OpenSolaris and Windows 7 run beautifully together on a netbook. Looking forward to 6/1/09."
"Thanks, good to hear."
"David Comay""some people think Opensolaris is a free Trial of Solaris, is that true?"
"OpenSolaris isn't a free trial of Solaris but rather is a separate, supported by Sun product. Both are free to use although OpenSolaris is built on open-source and completely redistributable components. And new platform support and features will always appear first in OpenSolaris."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""can i operate this os on my intel pentium 4 2.66 Ghz 512 mb ram 865GSA intel motherboard 96mb video memory......."
"You should be able to, though if you can add more memory to it, you'd be better off. Installs with only 512MB may have some trouble, though once you complete the install, you can run the box successfully, especially if you don't need to run the windowing system."
"Sunay Tripathi""If I upgrade to a newer build of OpenSolaris that has project crossbow implemented it, is there a way that I can monitor the bandwidth usage of my zones or cap their bandwidth (i.e. at 10mb/s or 100mb/s) even though the physical interface in the global zone might be gigabit ethernet? Is there any way that I can extract this bandwidth data from the zones and create something like Cacti or MRTG bandwidth graphs (i.e. see which zone is eating up all the bandwidth). I am currently capable of getting Cacti bandwidth graphs from CISCO catalyst 2900 and 3500 series switches, so it should be possible to get similar data from the virtualized network devices in crossbow, right?"
"Absolutely. You can get real time usage and history as well. We are working on dlstat/flowstat which allows the data to be imported into various graphing tools. Would love your input on http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/Discuss"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Does OpenSolaris work on Vista 64-bit?"
"Yes it does, if you run it in VirtualBox on Vista, you get full screen, seamless, and 3D OpenGL support."
"Stephen Hahn""Which enterprise level backup system client would you recommend for a SunFire X4540 box with OpenSolaris (NetBackup ?)"
"I know Zmanda has supported OpenSolaris since 2008.11, but best to ask your backup vendor for support."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is it possible to import/export ZFS filesystems between OpenSolaris and FreeBSD? Are there any compatibility issues?"
"subject to the usual version skew problems, this should work. Ask this question on ZFS discuss to be sure..."
"Sunay Tripathi""Although it is not common knowledge, there are actually three sides to the Force: the light side, the dark side, and OpenSolaris."
"Very Cool!!"
"David Comay""When will Silverlight be available? There's an open source version called Moonlight written for Mono."
"It would be excellent to have Moonlight and Mono available in the package repository. There has been some work in this area already (the components run on OpenSolaris) but if you're interested in contributing a package, please visit http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters/"
"Stephen Hahn""What sort of commercial support comes with OpenSolaris?"
"There are two support plans available; see http://sun.com/service/opensolaris/ for details."
"Glynn Foster""how can i add other codecs FREELY??????"
"With OpenSolaris 2009.06 we've added Codeina, that allows you to install codecs from Fluendo - some of those are free (in the case of MP3 decoding), others are for a fee. Obviously there are other ways to get codecs to play proprietary formats (gstreamer-plugins-ugly and gstreamer-plugins-bad as upstream source tarballs), but we're highly recommend you support free and open source formats like Theora in everything you do."
"Stephen Hahn""is opensolaris for free?"
"Yes. 0$."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""it takes a bit to load the caht"
"cats don't like being loaded... :-)... we're aware of chat client problems; sorry 'bout that."
"Jim Walker""I'd like to understand the relationship between package repositories, publishers, and authorities. Can you explain the relationship. How are namespace conflicts (like ""pending"" vs. ""contrib"") going to be addressed?"
"The diagram here and wiki's gives you a good idea: http://opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters/contributing/ Also, the porting preso will give you good detail: http://www.opensolaris.com/communityone/ All repos need to honor the namespace. We will continue to improve this in the pending and contrib repo."
"Sunay Tripathi""How hard would it be for a ""normal"" Windows user (e-mail, mp3, IExplorer, Office and solitaire) to be up and running with OpenSolaris?"
"It should be pretty easy except you will need to use something better than IE i.e firefox and the free version of office called Startoffice (compatibile with Windows office)."
"Stephen Hahn""What is the future prospective of OpenSolaris core developement team about moving in to embaded world ? Are there any plans in near future? Will be inteteresting to see Unix kernel running on front end embaded devices like BlackBerry which has backbone stoarage running on Unix platform. :-)"
"We run very well on small, fanless Atom systems. Further slimming is certainly possible."
"David Comay""are there any issues running OpenSolaris in a Fusion VM?"
"We're not aware of any specific issues with the upcoming 2009.06 release as a Fusion guest. The time-of-day issue with the previous release, 2008.11, has been addressed."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""The open solaris kernel is beautiful from an engineering prespective I just hope that id doesn't become bloated and ugly as the linux kernel has become."
"thanks for the complements.... but is there a question here?>"
"Stephen Hahn""Why isn't the ""extra"" repository listed under http://opensolaris.org/os/package/ ? Why is a key/certificate required to access this repository?"
"These packages come with restricted licenses, which require user acceptance. Generally, these happen because the software includes (or consists of) third party technology."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""OpenSolaris is that going to be just the kernel or a reference distribution with the OpenSolaris kernel?"
"OpenSolaris is the whole thing.... you're free to use just the kernel if you want.."
"Stephen Hahn""I think I saw this one already, but are there plans to support Mono project in OpenSolaris?"
"mono 2.4 is in contrib/"
"Stephen Hahn""Theora????? Wats that????"
"Free video codec."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Does anybody know of a dtrace script out there that breaks down disk I/O usage by zone (i.e., which zone is hogging my disk I/O and ruining it for everybody else). The iotop and iosnoop scripts in the dtrace toolkit in /opt/DTT don't seem to be zone aware. Thanks and keep up the great work!"
"Ask on dtrace-discuss.... this is a pretty easy mod to the scripts..."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""can i install it on my 8gb usb flash drive"
"With only 8GB, the installer currently doesn't add a swap volume, so unless you have at least 1.5-2GB of memory, the install will hang. If you only have a gig of memory, then when the installer starts up, open a terminal, and wait for the zpool to be created (just run zfs list until you see rpool and rpool/ROOT). At that point, you can run ""zfs create -V 512m rpool/swap"" to create the swap volume, and ""swap -a /dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/swap"" to add the swap. At this point, swap -lh should show that it's available, and the install should be able to complete. I expect it'll be a bit easier for the next release."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""How much overhead is incurred by the ZFS snapshot feature?"
"basically none, aside from disk space usage."
"Glynn Foster""I have an idea, how does one become an OpenSolaris developer?"
"In lots of ways! Our developer website is http://www.opensolaris.org - many communities and projects related to development are housed there. Depending on your interests, you can join them and jump right in! If you're interested in getting involved in providing packages for OpenSolaris, check out our online automatic build and package submission website Source Juicer, http://jucr.opensolaris.org and the Porters community http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/sw-porters."
"Sunay Tripathi""FCoE with 10Gb looks great in OpenSolaris, and Nexus 5000 line is nice, but Cisco licensing is *really* excessive (more than hardware in fact!), are there any other 10Gb switches that have been tested with OpenSolaris FCoE 10Gb, what would you recommend ? Thanks!"
"I think there are several new being announced by various vendors in near future. Nortel/EMC etc have already announced products (not sure about the prices though)."
"Stephen Hahn""what about security updates for the 2009.06 release? will they be available ?"
"We try to make security updates available through release/, if critical. All fixes are available for zero cost in dev/, or under a service plan via support/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What's the maximum supported memory in an OpenSolaris environment?"
"as much as the platform will take - 2 TB on some SPARC hardware..."
"Glynn Foster""When exactly in June will 2009.06 be released? The wait is killing me!!"
"Very soon! June 1st at the CommunityOne event!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are you going to create a FAQ to put on the website out of this chat? :)"
"Yes, we're planning to publish the transcript will be on http://opensolaris.com within a few days, these questions will be taken into consideration for the FAQs :-)"
"Stephen Hahn""It'll be glad to see you folks in town in day time Asia Pacific DST ..I dont think any professionals here from Asian continant except me :-)"
"Maybe we could do an afternoon/early evening chat via IRC to be more useful to other timezones."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""who long did it take to programm this projekt?"
"decades :-) OpenSolaris has been underactive development since 1982 under various names."
"Stephen Hahn""how do Solaris differ 4m opensolaris??"
"Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris are mostly compatible; OpenSolaris uses a new installation stack, new packaging system, and provides much more modern open source software components. Some of the newer features are available only for OpenSolaris, and will not be backported."
"Glynn Foster""Why did Sun ignore the OpenSolaris community when it decided to make its own distro be called OpenSolaris rather than letting the community decide?"
"Sun is the owner of the OpenSolaris trademark, and decided to use its trademark to product the OpenSolaris distribution. It did not ignore the community, however I appreciate there was disagreement by many that it should have done that. We continue to believe that the benefits of producing a binary distribution called OpenSolaris outweigh the other arguments."
"Glynn Foster""Thanks for your time and answers guys!"
"You are welcome :)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""When will OpenSolrais be relaeased under the GPL ?"
"no one knows... answer fuzzy, ask again - do you have a magic 8 ball"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""OpenSolaris is fantastic; keep up the great work!"
"Glynn Foster""The ""Download OpenSolaris"" and ""Register for CommunityOne"" links don't work for me"
"I've checked the links here - they seem to be working for me just fine."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""how can I see in bugzilla if a bug is scheduled to be fixed before release ? like the ncurses being 32bit only bug ?"
"In general, there's a blocker bug for each release, and any bug that must be fixed will be marked as a blocker of that bug. We generally try to set the target milestone for bugs we want to get into the next release (or build, if we know that specifically). But many (most, really) bugs are tracked in our internal bug tracking system, not on the bugzilla instance."
"David Comay""Will you be offering a choice of a KDE GUI for OpenSolaris?"
"There is a KDE project on http://opensolaris.org/os/project/kde/ and work is underway to make the result of that in the /contrib repository."
"Glynn Foster""Will there be more live chat sessions in the future? Is there an official OpenSolaris IRC channel?"
"Yes, we hope to have one sometime in the next few months. The OpenSolaris IRC channel is at #opensolaris on irc.freenode.net"
"Stephen Hahn""Ubuntu provides security fixes and fixes for free. Why should I pay for or use OpenSolaris? Why is it better?"
"You needn't pay for OpenSolaris; the source is available and open. I think that some users might find OpenSolaris's features, development approach, and emphases more attractive than other OSes, just as each of those OSes might be a better fit for another user or another use."
"Sunay Tripathi""I am a system integrator with moderate experience selling servers configured with GNU/Linux solutions and Windows 200x Server. My main business targets are small businesses. Does OpenSolaris offer me advantages or is it only intended for large-scale deployments? Thanks for your time."
"You can do the same things with Opensolaris and can get cooler technolgies like ZFS etc for filesystem support. Also you can use Crossbow/Zones to add bunch of networking functionality like routing, loadbalancing etc which all comes as part of OpenSolaris (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Where can we find Wiki of all commands which can be used in OpenSolaris? I mean on the web."
"ls /usr/bin/* ? Seriously, the OpenSolaris man pages are excellent. "
"Glynn Foster""Which Revision Control System is used to manage to OpenSolaris source code?"
"We use a few different revision control systems - Mercurial (hg) is used for most of the source code (including the OpenSolaris kernel), but many of the desktop related code is using Subversion (svn)."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Richard Stallman endorsed Java when it went open source; when will he endorse Solaris?"
"You're asking the wrong people - RS isn't under our control :-)."
"Stephen Hahn""how is opensolaris and modem support?"
"We don't have WinModem support. Serial ports work find; I believe specific USB modems are supported. "
"Sunay Tripathi""Could you give two simple and short reasons why we should use OpenSolaris instead of linux?"
"Check out ZFS (http://www.opensolaris.org/community/zfs) and Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Opensolaris is gr8 and i jus love it....."
"Thanks - we like it too!"
"Glynn Foster""next time onwards plz metion the time in IST (INDIAN STANDARD TIME) also...!!!"
"We will pass on that advice. Of course you should check out http://timeanddate.com to convert to your own timezone - we can't list everyone, I'm sorry!"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What is the status for OpenSolaris on the laptop?"
"It works well on most modern laptops. Once you have the minimum requirements -- 512MB memory, 8+GB disk, a ""reasonably fast"" processor -- you should be fine. Individual devices may or may not work, depending on the vendors willingness to work with companies other than Microsoft. Suspend and resume continues to improve, as more devices are able to deal with those events. The various special keys may or may not work, depending on the laptop vendor. In general, Toshibas work better than most, but my Sony Vaio runs OpenSolaris great."
"Stephen Hahn""do you have plans or ideas for latinamerica or some University like ""one day with sun""?"
"We'll (or some of us will) be at FISL. There are active user groups in different cities/countries in South America (and around the world, too)."
"Stephen Hahn""There was a small bug recently with CIFS in OpenSolaris (with idmap) which is going to be fixed in build 117 (or 116), is that going to make into 2009.06 OpenSolaris release ?"
"2009.06 is based on 111b, so it's unlikely. The fix could make it to the support/ tail if it's escalated..."
"David Comay""Why would OpenSolaris be released under the GPL? What advantage would that provide over the current CDDL?"
"There are no plans at the moment to relicense the code. We believe CDDL to be an appropriate choice for the kernel as it allows maximum flexibility for users and developers who want to build new and interesting things with the source code."
"Glynn Foster""regarding a previous question, I understand that OpenSolaris is free, but are the patches?"
"OpenSolaris doesn't have the concept of patches, but package updates. If you have an active support subscription from Sun you can connect to a support repository which receives updates to previously released versions of OpenSolaris. Other than exceptional cases, we don't update http://pkg.opensolaris.org/release until the next milestone releases. Of course, all the updates going into the supported product are available in the developer repository, http://pkg.opensolaris.org/dev which is updated on a regular bi-weekly basis."
"Glynn Foster""Do you know Brian ""Krow"" Aker?"
"Yes! Brian's working in the MySQL group here at Sun."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Important question: why does Opensolaris Indiana use up lots of RAM when it's running in 64-bit mode but hardly any RAM when it's running in 32-bit mode? If I run it in 32-bit mode on my laptop (which has 2 gigs of RAM total) OpenSolaris stays comfortably under 1 gigabyte of RAM, even when I have bloatware like Firefox with lots of tabs open searching the web. Now if I edit grub and go back to 64 bit mode, it's almost like the OS itself is leaking memory or something as it fills up the 2 gigs very quickly. I understand that ZFS arc cache has something to do with this and that this is a tunable parameter that can be changed in /etc/system but why does the 64 bit version hog up THAT much more RAM. I heard a rumor that this might have to do with how Sun's compilers compile variables in 64 bit mode.... you guys have any insight, experience, opinions about this?"
"This is likely to be resource allocation issues w/ ZFS; ZFS is very careful to use limited amounts of memory in 32 bit mode due to limited kernel address space. Those limits are not there for 64 bit mode... we should prob. tune this more carefully."
"Stephen Hahn""Hi, I'm having trouble explaining to my friends over the phone how to edit GRUB to switch OpenSolaris from booting in 32-bit mode vs booting into 64-bit mode. Is it possible you guys could add a feature to the Cayman installer that lets you choose 32-bit or 64-bit mode during installation? Thanks."
"Dave had to drop off, but I'll pass your question along."
"Jim Walker""i think it's very cool that there are build machine accounts and test zones available for development... but the support is seriously lacking (no response to emails) and if you are interested in people contributing to kernel code you _need_ to have test _machines_ with tip lines... is there any ongoing effort to improve the developer experience and make opensolaris development more attractive?"
"True. We are resource limited now. I wish I could add more staff, but it's hard right now. The full machines with tip line to the sp are manually reserved right now. I hope to have this automated soon. Send a request to testing-discuss@opensolaris.org. "
"Sunay Tripathi""What are the primary differences between opensolaris and solaris?"
"Solaris (and Solaris 10) are the enterprise releases while OpenSolaris in the followon release train which is opensource and has new development like Crossbow (http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/crossbow/) etc. The next enterprise release of Solaris will follow from from Opensolaris."
"Jim Walker""Goes w/o saying - great work guys! Thanks for anwering my questions today :)"
"Thanks for chatting with us. It's great to here from you."
"Stephen Hahn""Can see Unix magic like UBUNTU did by using wubi ? Installation of OpenSolaris within NTFS drives for testing purpose? I guess it'll be useful for newbies."
"Great question. Probably best to ask in install-discuss@opensolaris.org to see if they've talked about a similar idea."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What about Ati, Nvidia and Intel video 3D drivers? Are they free or there will be a proprietary solution?"
"The nVidia kernel driver is freely available, but not open source, much like it is on Linux. The Intel driver is free and open source. We don't have a solution for ATi at the moment. And on the Xorg side, we don't add any drivers, so whatever the situation is within Xorg is what we provide."
"Glynn Foster""Do u conduct any Webinars on Opensolaris.... and thank u all for answering my novice questions..!!! meet u on next Live Chat."
"We do from time to time, but probably not nearly enough! I'll pass on that comment and we'll see if we can arrange a few in future."
"Jim Walker""Thank you to all of you for your most valuable time.. ** Greetings from India ***"
"Greetings! It's been great. Thanks for staying up late :)"
"Stephen Hahn""hi, great work, ┬┐will be support for ati radeon x1270 video card?"
"If it's supported by X.Org, it should be supported by OpenSolaris."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Is there a a Flash solution for OpenSolaris?"
"yes; it's in the extras repo."
"Sunay Tripathi""Where would you say is the focus of current development on OpenSolaris?"
"Networking, Storage, Networking Virtualization, Power Management, etc."
"Glynn Foster""Any plans after the chat is done with? Partying, causing riots, taking over the world? ;-)"
"We're going to release OpenSolaris 2009.06! We'll obviously be doing a lot of partying during the event - you're welcome to join us :)"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""I must say, you're IT visitor on-site there at SUN is simply Amazing!"
"briefing center is indeed very cool... thanks!"
"Glynn Foster""OpenSolaris is innovative and excellent, keep up the great work, and thank you for your time and dedication!"
"Thanks - glad you like it, and thanks for joining us."
"David Comay""Other than ZFS what are key differences to look for between Open Solaris and *nix's?"
"Scalability, observability (DTrace), advance fault management for both hardware (FMA) and software (SMF), virtualization solutions to different problems (Zones/Containers, xVM and logical domains), high-performance in-kernel CIFS implementation, stable kernel driver interface, compatibility (for applications, drivers), tightly intergrated AMP stack (with latest Apache, PHP, MySQL, memcached with DTrace observability). All of these technologies, like with Linux, are under an OSI-approved open source license. And Sun fully supports each of these."
"Stephen Hahn""Thank You, and keep up the great work! :)"
"Thanks for the questions. Feel free to join in the discussions at http://opensolaris.com"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""Are there any plans to speed up the IPS package installer? If the community offered to re-implement IPS in a faster language like C would you guys at Sun help to support it? My developers love OpenSolaris but complain about high latency in IPS, the Nexenta package installer seems to be like a million times faster. Do you think re-implementing IPS in C (instead of Python) would make it as fast as the Nexenta package manager?"
"We have no plans as of yet to implement pkg(5) in C. We have implemented some key components of it in C, and will be revamping some of the algorithms in the next month or two to make installation a great deal faster. Eventually if we can't get the performance we need out of Python, we may have to reimplement in C, but we're not yet at a point where we're willing to commit to that one way or another."
"Jim Walker""It's clear from the range of questions that there are many different kinds of people here. Which are you primarily addressing? People switching from Linux, people switching from Windows, first-time users, Solaris old-hands...?"
"All of the above. OpenSolaris can do it all!"
"Glynn Foster""will there be stations at the upcoming java one convention to check out opensolaris?"
"Yes! We'll have lots of OpenSolaris at both CommunityOne and JavaOne. There are a number of demos as long as the OpenSolaris Install Lounge. Come and visit us!"
"Sunay Tripathi""Is Sun going to release networking products based on the networking work?"
"We are looking at things. We have lot of cool work and innovation in that space. Are there any things that you are specifically interested in?"
"Glynn Foster""will be kde 4 for opensolaris?"
"Yes, we hope KDE 4 will be available for OpenSolaris at some stage in the future - hopefully soon!"
"Jim Walker""Will this chat session output be posted somewhere? The small flash area does not let me read everything easily."
"The chat log will be posted here: http://www.opensolaris.com/"
"Bart, Danek, Joost""What is the better way to prepare solaris certification??."
"Stephen Hahn""I just came in (while at work) & I'm having trouble setting up my HP printer. I've followed the steps in the OpenSolaris Bible. The systemm sees the printer but nothing happens. Without any other details, any suggestions on where to look?"
"Probably best to take this kind of question to the opensolaris.com forums, or to a specific list at opensolaris.org."
"Glynn Foster""For what it's worth, I don't think OpenSolaris should be re-released under the GPL. One of the reasons I switched from Linux was because it was becoming too much of a mess with the million different little distros that all have annoying little incompatibilities from eachother. BSD and Solaris seem to be better because there's a focus on quality over quantity of code."
"Good to hear your feedback - glad you like OpenSolaris!"
"David Comay""Thanks guys, good luck with the release"
"Thanks for all the questions and feedback. The product benefits immensely from constructive feedback from users."
"Bart, Danek, Joost""is there a system info collector for solaris that will create a single file in html format (such as SysInfo for HP-UX or cfg2html for AIX ?"
"not yet - but it sounds like a really good project!"
"Jim Walker""thank you for your time. It really helped me. are you going to prepare something else like this chat room or conference in the future?"
"Checkout CommunityOne: http://developers.sun.com/events/communityone/2009/west/index.jsp?intcmp=2706"