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ON (OS/Net) Consolidation - b111

Source tarballs have been deprecated in favour of the onnv project's Mercurial repository. Please see the onnv project page for more information on how to checkout/clone the repository to download the source.

Common Files Filename License Filesize
OpenSolaris README (Release Notes) README.opensolaris None 10.15 KB
Full HTML Changelog (with files updated) on-changelog-b111.html None 98.62 KB
Sparse Text Changelog (CR + synopsis only) on-changelog-b111.sparse.txt None 9.34 KB
ON Source on-src.tar.bz2 CDDL,Others 73.74 MB
xVM Source xvm-src.tar.bz2 CDDL,GPL 180.23 MB
MD5 Checksums MD5SUMS None 1.02 KB
Mercurial changeset bundles for generating build snapshots

SPARC Platform Files Filename License Filesize
ON Specific Build Tools SUNWonbld.sparc.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 1.18 MB
ON Binary-Only Components (debug) on-closed-bins.sparc.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 6.27 MB
ON Binary-Only Components (non-debug) on-closed-bins-nd.sparc.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 5.96 MB
ON BFU Archives (debug) on-bfu-nightly-osol.sparc.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 121.91 MB
ON BFU Archives (non-debug) on-bfu-nightly-osol-nd.sparc.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 117.17 MB

x86 Platform Files Filename License Filesize
ON Specific Build Tools SUNWonbld.i386.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 1.06 MB
ON Binary-Only Components (debug) on-closed-bins.i386.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 8.02 MB
ON Binary-Only Components (non-debug) on-closed-bins-nd.i386.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 7.68 MB
ON BFU Archives (debug) on-bfu-nightly-osol.i386.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 136.71 MB
ON BFU Archives (non-debug) on-bfu-nightly-osol-nd.i386.tar.bz2 OBL,Others 131.08 MB